Wollongong City Council Economic Development Manager Mark Grimson

Destination Wollongong and Wollongong Central have partnered with Wollongong City Council to launch a new entertainment program at Crown Street Mall today.

The program ‘Live Sites in the City’ will give local artists, musicians and performers the opportunity to showcase their talents to the public, both during the day and in the evening.

The program aims to bring even more live entertainment to Wollongong and build a positive and exciting atmosphere in the city hub.

Venues where local artists will perform include Crown Street Mall, Wollongong Central and Globe Lane which is growing in activity since the recent opening of San Churro Chocolateria.

The program is another way to provide free entertainment to visitors to the area, while reinforcing to locals that the city centre is still alive during the refurbishment period.

GPT Centre Manager Dean Young.

Sam and Adrian James talk about their involvement in the local music scene and what the new program will provide.

Mobile reporter: SARAH NAVIN

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