iAccelerate StartPad is a program that aims to facilitate Illawarra entrepreneurs looking to break into the market with an online company. Deon de Saldanha has been appointed as general manager, bringing with him a lot of experience in various management roles at the University of Wollongong and as a business development consultant.

The team from Giftling.com were there today working on their site and spoke to the Current about what there site does and how iAccelerate and StartPad has helped them.

They are a young group who are focussed on delivering a website to that allows users to bring their friends and families together to pool their money and buy gifts. Friends going in together to buy presents is as old as birthdays, but Giftling will allow them to do it in a much simpler way.
Giftling.com is made and run by: Steve Morlando, Mathew Vlandys, Rebecca Paget and Cathy-Kim Sewell.

Steve Morlando:


Mathew Vlandys:


Rebecca Paget:


Cathy-Kim Sewell:


Reporter: Mathew Rolph

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