Rainbow Crossing at UOW

‘Love is love’ is the message that UOW students and teachers are greeted with as they walk towards the library today, the colourful rainbow supporting same-sex relationships.

The idea was initiated by Wendy Meyers, following the rainbow crossing phenomenon that has taken off globally.

In conjunction with Lynne Wright, director of Employment Equity and Diversity at UOW, and the All Sorts Queer Collective, the team of about 25 people created the artwork from 8am this morning.

Eryn Williams 22, Arcadia Lyons 27 and Taylor Davies 21

The rainbow which spans more than 10 metres has attracted much attention from students, including 21-year-old Eryn Williams who was disappointed about the removal of a similar crossing in Oxford Street on April 10.

“It’s important for me because I’m gay and so when they painted over it in the city it was kind of disheartening, I was like c’mon that was cool, and it represents so many things”, she said in regards to the crossing that was covered with tarmac.

“I think for the gay community at uni especially, and in terms of where we are in Australia with marriage equality and stuff like that, it sums it up in one little street art.”

UOW Queer Collective's Flag

Follow the rainbow brick road.

Ally UOW


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