Cardiovascular health

Hope is on the horizon for those at risk of heart disease or stroke, with a clinical cardiovascular medication trial soon to be conducted in the Illawarra.

The Illawarra Health and Medical Research Institute is calling for volunteers who are currently taking cholesterol-lowering medication or have previously suffered a heart attack or stroke. The trial aims to reduce the incidents of heart related difficulties.

Senior Clinical Trial Coordinator, Fiona Roberts is seeking participants who have diabetes and heart disease, have had a previous ischaemic stroke, mini stroke or carotid surgery; or a heart attack within the last year. The trial also requests the involvement of patients who have claudication or pain in lower limbs, or previous vascular surgery or amputation of lower limbs.

Cardiovascular disease kills one Australian every 12 minutes, more than any other disease, while 60,000 Australian’s suffer a stroke each year.

Direct expressions of interest to Fiona Roberts on 4221 5711 or



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