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South Coast residents have been experiencing an increase in both animal and insect bites since September last year.

Between September 2012 and February 2013, there have been a total of 20 spider bites and seven snakebites in the Illawarra area.

The increase in bites may have been caused by the summer months, when the climate is warmer and when outdoor activities for both animals and humans are more common.

Manager of Venom at the Australian Reptile Park, John Mostyn, told the Illawarra Mercury, that when the autumn temperatures set in, snakebites would become less common.

‘‘By the end of April, it is unlikely you will see any (snakes) out,” he said,

“Not until September and the start of spring.’’

Animal bites are a major public health problem around the world in both children and adults.

In the case of an animal or insect bite, call for an ambulance on 000.


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