More women are choosing to work in predominately male occupations. Image from

A South Australian Liberal Opposition leader told a group of women that ignoring sex discrimination in the workplace would help it “just disappear.”

Isobel Redmond, spoke at the Committee for Economic Development of Australia event on Monday saying that “it is a lot easier,” to ignore discrimination in the workplace then to seek legal action.

“I think it is a lot easier a lot of the time to just try to ignore the discrimination and get on with being the best councillor you can be, or the best whatever it is, and ask intelligent questions and make gentle suggestions, and I think you’ll find the discrimination will just disappear,” as reported by the The Australian.

But, Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick told The Australian that, “Without a critical mass of complaints being lodged, behavioural changes will not take place, attitudes will not change and sex discrimination will not be reduced.”

This news comes as, 92 women graduated from the University of Sydney last week in engineering – a predominantly male occupation.

Although, the occupation has not increased in popularity for women as other, primarily male occupations have.

University of Sydney Engineering Dean told The Australian, “In the past 100 years, medicine and law have gone from zero to about 50 per cent, we are still at 20 per cent.”

Raising awareness about the career opportunities for women in the area is essential to continued growth.

By Kayla Osborne

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