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The UpZone Youth Health Centre will be holding a free forum for teachers and youth workers at the St George Leagues Club later today.

The forum has been promoted as a way to discuss youth sexual health and the support available for those concerned.

Several topics have been scheduled for discussion, with various speakers from across the South Coast area invited to give information about youth sexual health.

Suzy Wilds, a Nursing Unit Manager at the Short St. Sexual Health Clinic in Kogarah, will be running a “Facts and Stats” discussion group, while Clinic Senior Social Worker Marty Janssen will be talking about sexually-transmitted disease awareness in another session.

“I still think young people have a belief they’re infallible,” Wilds said to The Leader in 2008, following a report which revealed that chlamydia was the most common sexually-transmitted infection in the region. “There’s never just one person involved with an STD; there’s always more than one, and possibly even two or three.”

Following a feature held by St George Youth Services Project Worker Nicole Scobie about youth peer education, information will also be given for those concerned about grants available for sexual health projects in local areas.

A game entitled “Chlamydiastic!” will be played to facilitate discussion with youth about infections like chlamydia, as well as considering aspects like condom usage and healthy sexual relationships.

The forum will kick off at 4pm, running until 6pm in the Grange Room at the St George Leagues Club, Kogarah.

Words by Sean Soltys

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