Shuttle Bus

Students taking advantage of one of the many sustainable transport options

Students commuting on sustainable transport were treated to a free breakfast this morning on McKinnon lawn.

Over 200 students and staff joined in to celebrate the sustainable transport options available at the university. UOW Transport Project Officer and organiser of the event, Jenny Halldorsson said that it was the first time the breakfast had been run.

“The event went really well and we had a big turn out which allows us to get our message out”

Ms Halldorsson says that there are a variety of sustainable transport options for students to get to the university including the shuttle buses and trains. However she encourages students not to rule out walking or cycling.

“We encourage all forms of sustainable transport and what some students don’t know it that it is actually quicker to walk or cycle to uni than drive, if your within seven kilometers”

For more information about sustainable transport options you can visit the Getting to UOW website.

Words & Photo: Courtney Howe


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