Picture: Kirk Gilmour, The Illawarra Mercury

The Illawarra Venues Authority (IVA) has launched an inquiry after gale force winds destroyed part of WIN Stadium’s western grandstand in September last year.

The former Labor government had contributed $30 million toward the construction of the new grandstand that was originally completed in July 2011.

The structure, which spans 85m, was supposed to be able to endure winds of up to 160 km per hour but buckled under the pressure of 80km winds.

Local MP Noreen Hay wants answers.

“A substantial amount of money has been poured into this project. So the people issuing the contract should expect the outcome to be more than satisfactory,” she said.

Poor weather conditions in January pushed back work on the project, with the roof finally being fitted last weekend. The newly improved truss is rectangular in shape, which should provide the strength to resist adverse weather conditions.

However, Ms Hay doesn’t support continuing the project before the findings of the inquiry are released. 

Iif the public doesn’t see the findings of the enquiry, then we won’t know if the new roof will be any stronger,” she said.

She has also expressed concern over the negative effect this has had on the community, including the disruption of local traffic due to road closures around the grandstand area.

Whilst the undoubtable effect on local businesses, like the Steelers Club, adjacent to WIN stadium is also a concern for Ms Hay.

Who said, “they will inevitably suffer during the football season if the Dragons home games are forced to be played at the alternate home ground in Kogarah.”

WIN Entertainment Centre management was unavailable for comment.

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