UOW Queer Space speaks out about Katter's anti-same-sex marriage campaign.

Bob ‘Mad Hatter’ Katter’s ad campaign slamming Campbell Newman’s position on gay marriage has caught the attention of UOW’s Queer collective, Allsorts.

The ‘Katter’s Australian Party’ leader has released the campaign that draws attention to statements made by Mr Newman in favour of gay marriage.

The UOW Queer Collective is appalled at Mr Katter’s campaign and said it may backfire and help Mr Newman become Queensland Premier.

Arts and English Literature honours student, and prominent member of Allsorts, Dion McLeod, spoke out about the campaign.
“When I first saw it, I couldn’t believe something like this was actually happening in this day and age. It was just an absolutely preposterous ad,” he said.

“I think it might affect [Campbell Newman’s] approval ratings positively…why is it a bad thing that he’s supporting Marriage equality?”

UOW Associate Professor of Sociology Mark McLelland labelled the ad a “cheap political pot shot”.

“I think the ad will have minimal effect as it clearly targets a very narrow demographic, presumably people with strong right-wing Christian beliefs,” A/Prof. McLelland said.

A/Prof. McLelland lectures on Sexuality and Gender at UOW and said he sees through the campaign.

“Now that gay people are integrated into society and most people know and like people who are gay this juxtaposition will be seen for what it is.”

Mr Katter’s half brother, Carl, has released a GetUp! video to hit back at Carl today, using the sign off comment, “Queensland, don’t vote for hate”.

Independent MP, Rob Oakshott has slammed Katter for skipping parliament this week to join Anna Bligh’s election camp for next Saturday’s election.

In 10 days, the people of Queensland will decide, and it will be revealed if Mr Katter’s calls were a waste of breath.

Words: Danielle Brown

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