Chairman of Regional Development Australia Illawarra, Eddy De Gabriele, supports the Federal Government’s plan for the prospective airport at Wilton.

Mr De Gabriele said the development would bring economic opportunities to the region, and it would generate further infrastructure development.

“Our port linking to the air would be absolutely magnificent and of course the very fast train between Melbourne and Brisbane having the airport so close to that line would make the very fast train a possibility,” he said.

Local councils are still strongly opposed to the proposed infrastructure, with concerns to the implications of the noise pollution, environmental pollution and future land releases within the area.

Mayor of Wollondilly Shire, Colin Mitchell, says local housing developments and Sydney’s water supply would be put at risk.

No Air Craft Noise Party President Allan Rees says an airport at Wilton would have little to no impact on residents in the Wollongong region.

The proposed land site is about 7km from the Hume Highway and approximately 80km drive from Sydney.

Wilton’s proximity to the southern rail network connecting Canberra and Melbourne means it could be served by fast electric trains such as those used in the Wollongong, Newcastle and Blue Mountains services.


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